This Ignitia sets foot in the year 2020 with the theme - "Reconstructing India". We have come up with the ideas of restructuring india since the many loopholes prevalent now are immediately to be taken into consideration. We shall be trying to provide solution to the many existing problems since constant growth is the need of the hour today and thus we aim for converting the dream for a powerful and dynamic nation to reality.



Every Year we decide on a mascot to represent the theme of Ignitia which portrays what we aspire to achieve in the coming years to come. this year, our mascot is inspired from the main character of the movie WALL-E. This is a 2008 American computer-animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. This movie is set in a timeline where humans leave earth due to it becomiing a wasteland, leaving behind a waste collecting robot WALL-E who takes the responsibility of tidying up the planet garbage by garbage. This movie aligns with the theme of our event "Reconstructing India", the hardwork that wall-E puts into reconstructing the wasteland of an earth into a place to live in proves that if we work hard with sheer determination we can achieve anything. WALL-E's zeal to never give up motivated us to face up all difficulties and put all efforts to make this event a grand success.



DJ / Producer / Radio Host / Visual Artist & Coach, NYK, aka Nikhil Sahni is a unique artist who has successfully brought together two seemingly disparate worlds. He is the man responsible for making audiences worldwide, wake up to what could best be termed a two-fold amalgam, of Bollywood beats and electronic dance music. Blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected sounds, he has synthesized and resynthesized the two in ways most artists won't ever comprehend. NYK's rise as an artist has been meteoric to say the least.He has won many a hearts and topped many Bollywood music charts. His indefatigable spirit to constantly discover new and enthralling music for his listeners, coupled with his vibrant energy and an enviable ear for first-rate music, have ensured that the force of this passion of his life is conveyed to one and all. At the age of 34, DJ NYK is a phenomenon to be reckoned with. The "King of Remixes" has also won India's Best Bollywood DJ Award a record-breaking 3 Times at the 2012, 2013 & 2016 VH1 MYFAV Awards & was a part of the prestigious All Stars Legends League in 2014 & 2015.


His passion for singing started in his early school days. He idolizes Kishore Kumar. Most amateurs choose to perform on popular numbers, but he groomed his voice so that he could at least come close to the melody and impact that Kishore da left. He started recording his songs on Kishore da’s numbers from the age of 14. He tried for many reality shows but was never looked upon. Then came VOI and he nailed the show and was Runner’s Up of the contest. In 2008 he is again contested in another singing reality TV show Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar. Harshit has a distinguished style of singing. He has accumulated much recognition from the judges for his playback style of voice, something that the Indian Music Industry has been missing over the years.


Puja Chatterjee is a professional singer based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. She has been learning music since childhood; she has been working professionally as a singer for more than six years now. She has been performing LIVE and loud at corporate shows, campus events, private gigs, and concerts. Puja was also a contestant on the reality show, Indian Idol 3. On her way to becoming an international singer in the future, Puja was awarded the Jharkhand Ratna by the Government of Jharkhand.